Why this Podcast?

On Big Teams and Small Teams Our Work Must Be Better

Fred and Barbara are just curious why we are still the only trillion dollar industry in the world where owner, politicians, and board members demand the least efficient processes. We are just curious why the design, construction, and owner communities aren’t moving more quickly toward better, more efficient and more successful cultures and processes. Why aren’t we building better, faster, less expensively, and serving owners’ needs more completely…not to mention the planet’s needs.

Together Fred and Barbara, experienced professionals on small projects and very large projects, will explore our options for change through collaboration, leadership and decision-making as well as creating a better understanding of risk and future disruption. We hope you will join us for practical approaches, specific solutions and a bit of brainstorming.


See links below for two books by Barbara White Bryson including her most recent Creating a Culture of Predictable Outcomes as well as the industry favorite The Owners Dilemma

Link to Purchase Creating a Culture of Predictable Outcomes
Link to purchase the Owner’s Dilemma

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